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March 2nd (2011): Hardback book now available for Phenomenon Core Rules.

February 15th (2011): Hardback books now available for both Fantasia and Pirates Core Rules and Sourcebooks.

February 24th (2010): HARDBACK BOOKS!! Finally, the core rules of all four gamelines will be available in hardback form. More on this soon.

October 31st (2009): Matt deMille, NDG's chief designer, has been spending the last few years in Hollywood, attending the American Film Institute for producion design. While he will never forsake game design, now he's going to be bringing gaming wisdom into the realm of moviemaking. His personal website has finally been launched, and you can view it by clicking the picture below.

Matt deMille website.jpg (167728 bytes)


July 15th (2008): As of this date, New Dimension Games will no longer be operating out of Washington State, but rather out of California State. Our new address is:

5640 Franklin Ave, Apt 405, Los Angeles CA 90028


May 22nd (2008): There's a great movie ahead! And sure, while Indiana Jones returns today, so do the Gamers!!! The highly anticipated movie that we at New Dimension Games worked so hard to bring you now has an official release date: GenCon Indy.

Just how much has New Dimension Games been involved in this project, you may ask? In addition to being a huge sponsor, we also built the sets, the props, rangled cast and creatures, made costumes, and did much, much more! We did this as a labor of love because we wanted to make this movie as good as it possibly could be. We're fans ourselves, and we wanted to deliver to you!! And now you can finally see the finished product, share it with your friends, and enjoy it time and time again.

So, if you're looking for a great movie about fantasy, or fantasy games, or just want some good laughs, follow Brother Silence and the rest of the party to the official press release:

Gamers Dorkness Rising 2.jpg (102774 bytes)


April 2nd (2008): We have joined the ranks of DriveThru RPG and their detailed search engines to specifically select the right game to download. We also remain with Paizo Publishing where we sell hardcopy games as well as downloads.

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paizologo.png (4520 bytes)


October 17th (2007): Gamer Radio Zero (at Wizards of the Coast) interviews New Dimension Games' mad scientist Matt deMille about our unique approach to role-playing games. You can watch or listen to the podcast right here (or by clicking on the picture below, of course). Look for the episode from October 17th 2007. That's it! Mr. deMille gives mucho thanks to the beautiful Jen Page for inviting him!

GRZ_15.jpg (19663 bytes)


October 17th (2007): Clips from the much-anticipated movie "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" are available right here (and by clicking on the picture below) as part of Matt deMille's Demo Reel. Yep, when Matt isn't writing adventures for New Dimension Games, he's off making gamer-related movies. Note that this is not the official trailer for the movie (that is available here).

The Gamers Dorkness Rising.jpg (100226 bytes)


April 4th (2007): The seven novel saga that sets up the role-playing game world of Fantasia is now going online for download! Free download, that is. Book 1 is now available right here in PDF format. The other six novels are indeed finished but we're waiting to see what response Book 1 receives before putting the others up there. If enough people like deMille's crazy writing style and stories, then expect to see Books II through VII available before long.

This saga of seven novels sets up the role-playing game world of Fantasia. Set in an earlier Age than the game, it does what great fantasy adventure always does—it evokes wonder, action, and interesting characters. There are no politics or endless rambling description to muddy the waters. It’s an adventure for its own sake. Main characters die. Magic needs no explanation about how it works. So, do you want to go into a fantasy adventure without all the boring mumbo-jumbo, political nonsense we see enough on the nightly news or heroes with god-contracts that ensure they never die? Want to read a novel whose world works like a role-playing game? Try opening up your mind and letting these stories come charging in, swords and axes hacking and slashing at the boring memories stuck there by boring so-called ‘adventure’ novels.

And if these ain’t fer you, well, you ain’t gotta read ‘em!


January 8th (2007): On the Slice of Sci-Fi show, our beloved lunatic creator of New Dimension Games, Matt deMille, was spoken about at length in regards to bringing you the new 'Gamers' film, 'The Gamers: Dorkness Rising'. You can listen to the entire show here. If you're interested only in news about the movie, it begins at roughly minute 30:00 and continues until about minute 46:00. To hear it, click on "Listen Now", which is located in about the middle of the oddly colored bar just above the photos of Matt Vancil and John Frank.


November 21st (2006): We have officially opened the Hall Of Shame! With the blessing of Darwin Awards creator Wendy Northcutt, we are inviting you to share with us your best (or worst) tales of foolish Player Characters meeting their maker . . . who is laughing his ass off! You can visit the Hall Of Shame by clicking, um, back there, ya know, if you're still reading, the link is back there, where the text was highlighted and underlined . . .


November 20th (2006): Over at Game Geek TV there's some behind-the-scenes video of 'The Gamers: Dorkness Rising', a project that New Dimension Games was heavily involved in.


August 15th (2006): GenCon Indy was a success and there's a lot of exciting things on the horizon. Can't talk about them just yet as they're not yet "official", but check back here soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy photographs from GenCon here.


August 1st (2006): A CALL FOR SUPER HEROES!!! New Dimension Games is finally designing its own super hero role-playing game! However, this will be unlike any other 'super' game ever made. We're not going to take it all that seriously, create a big complex mythology or anything like that. We're going to have some fun! Part of the fun is that YOU can be a part of it! Here's how: All the artwork in the game will be live pictures with comical effects such as word bubbles and sound effects (Zok! Biff! Pow! Etc!) put over them. If you send us a picture of yourself in costume, and it is copyright free, we will put you in this game! Email us a photo of your super hero persona RIGHT HERE. If you don't want to pose in tights, no problem. Just find someone who will. Or, send us a pic of your secret identity. And, if you happen to know any REAL heroes and can convince them to pose, all the better! The general rule is: The better the picture, the better the costume, the better the pose, the tougher your character will be when we give him stats! And yes, we will. Now, the legal stuff, and with amazing super speed no less: If you submit a photograph, you pledge under law that the image and intellectual concent within it is copyright free to the best of your knowledge, accept full responsbility if it is later found out to be in violation of any law, and upon submission release all rights to New Dimension Games.


July 27th (2006): We have joined the ranks of Paizo Publishing, producers of both Dragon and Dragon magazine! Click on the Paizo logo below to purchase products on-line.

paizologo.png (4520 bytes)


May 24th (2006): New Dimension Games will be joining Dead Gentlemen Productions at GenCon Indy! We will all be in the same booth, #325, right across from Wizards of the Coast. So come by and see us! We'll have a lot of new product, treasure and surprises for you!


March 24th (2006): Robert Lionheart of RPG.net has posted a review of our Fantasia game at http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/12068.phtml. So, if you have never played our games and want an outsider's objective view of what we're all about, this is the place to go (in 3 days the review was read by over a thousand people, many of whom give their candid comments).


January 5th (2006): New Dimension Games is now a proud sponsor of "The Gamers" film company, Dead Gentlemen Productions, and our merchandise will be available at their online store.


June 4th (2005): Filming has wrapped on "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" by Dead Gentlemen.  It's been a wild ride, and it's going to be a holy grail for gamers of all kinds. On set, we've met many game celebrities, and made many contacts within the industry. When the film comes out, New Dimension Games will be changed forever, as will all of gaming.


January 8th (2005): Filming has begun on "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" by Dead Gentlemen, and Matt deMille, the main-man here at New Dimension Games, is right there in the thick of things, doing everything he can to help bring you the highly anticipated sequel to the original "Gamers". Look for it later this year, but in the meantime, here's a shot from the set:

GamersII2.jpg (65698 bytes)


January 1st (2005): We are working on our spacy fantasy game at last! Titled "StarQuest", it harkens back to the classic feeling of Star Wars, that of space opera, cosmic fantasy, and 1930's serials. This is not a sci-fi, but a whimsical, cliff-hanging adventure meant purely for fun, with no technobabble or to-be-outdated-next-week science theory. So, if you just like shooting up bad guys, plowing through asteroid fields and exploring thousands of different worlds, get ready for the game that's made just for you! StarQuest is planned for release in May 2005.


October 1st (2004): Author of Fantasia, Pirates, Phenomenon and Wrestling and game-freak Matt deMille is working with the indie comedy troupe Dead Gentlemen with The Gamers: Second Edition, the sequel to their popular film about dice, danger, daring, and dating (or lack thereof). Of course, this means New Dimension Games will be doing some shameless plugs and product placement, but it also means that we are working our way into the gaming industry like a virus. Stop us! Stop us now! Sure, we're excited to be a part of this adventure and collaboration, but to tell you the truth, it's all about having fun!


August 23rd (2004): We have returned from GenCon (alive) and with many an exciting tale to tell. This being our first experience at any GenCon in any capacity, it is all too tempting to go on at length about all there was and all that happened. Suffice it to say that it was overwhelming, and overwhelmingly positive. I will try to condense the events of 'The Best Four Days In Gaming' into simple, short paragraphs. Pictures of this event are available here.

   We were pleased to find so many gamers out there interested in our products and the spirit that drives them. Many enjoyed how our games are of simple, streamlined rules for fun play. Others enjoyed how we produce only what is needed without any cross-marketing built-in. Many enjoyed our genres, be it a fresh approach to fantasy or the uncharted waters of piracy. As for ourselves, we learned how the larger companies need to stay in business by producing endless amounts of rules, and while we gained newfound respect for that, we also learned how wonderful it really is to be a small independent, basking in the dark glory of the struggle, like rebels without a bottom line. We said countless times "These are games made by fans for fans." and every time it was spoken from the heart. That felt great!

   Also at GenCon this year there were a great deal of games based on pirates (hmmm, wonder why). But it was a nice feeling to be able to tell gamers how we have been developing this genre for ten years, and thus, how our games are not only rich in depth and development, but will have a long-lasting life for those who come to enjoy them, even when the pirate buzz dies down in the larger industry. We heard many concerns for both Pirates and Fantasia of how gamers are reluctant to try a new system, because if they come to like it, and it stops being produced, they will lose all they have invested in it. Let me say that New Dimension Games will be around forever! And the interest shown this weekend in our tiny little corner of the gaming world proves it.

   We have our fans to thank for that. Imagine that . . . I can now say that we have fans. Wow! Whoduveverthunkit? On that I have to say thanks to all those who helped get us here; Thanks to Peter Adkison for giving us this opportunity. Thanks to Gwendolyn Kestrel, Bill Slavicsek, Ed Stark, David Kenzer, Jolly Blackburn, Larry Elmore, Jeff Easley and Clyde Caldwell for your time and input. Thanks to the Dead Gentlemen for working with us both now and in the future. Thanks to Jessica and Chris for being part of the team. And, thanks to all who took the time to visit our booth and check out our games!

genconbooth.jpg (103492 bytes)

   Ahhh, our booth. It is an honor to have been recognized by GenCon as having the 'Most Creative Booth' and winning that award (for those of three cubic spaces or less in size). Oscars, Emmys and other awards? Blah! Orc snot be spat upon them! But to be recognized as 'most creative' with anything amongst the largest gathering of gamers in the world? It's beyond words! There were about 220 exhibitors of this size, and they chose us! Us! We are flattered and appreciative, and more than anything we're glad we could add to the show overall.

   GenCon was overwhelming. The size, the variety, the people, and the glory of it all. The 30-year anniversary of D&D, and we were a part of it! Let this be a new beginning, a new dawn for all games, not ours alone. We're going full steam ahead now! In closing, thanks again to all who made GenCon happen, and thanks for letting us be a part of this grand event! May we see you all again soon.

genconaward.jpg (91413 bytes)

"Gen Con Indy '04 Exhibitor Awards"

"Most Creative Booth"



July 23rd (2004): We now have the core rules for both Fantasia and Pirates available in perfect-binding format, with a white edge and spine so that with the excessive wear and tear of game play it doesn't look beat up.


December 9th (2003): After over a half-year of trying to find a distributor, we're taking matters into our own hands and offering retailers the standard 50% trade up front. Distributors, it seems, do not wish to touch anything non-d20, even if the market is choking on too much d20 stuff, perhaps even to its own untimely demise. So, for the sake of variety for gamers, market longevity and of course for our own interests as well, as of today we offer one more alternative to the d20 tabletop RPGs. If you are a retailer, simply email us and we can talk, for we will handle our own distribution, or visit this page that gives all the details and prices.


March 25th (2003): We're back from GAMA, and it was a rousing success! We had far more interest in our products than as first-timers we dared hope for, but now, it seems, the winds of fate are blowing our way! Most interest was for our Pirates gameline, and so we're speeding up production on that RPG and its supplement material. We'll keep you posted as the new schedule fluctuates.


February 27th (2003): Codes, legalities and other technical stuff is finished, and ISBN numbers are on the way (10 days out), and when we receive them we will go ahead with printing the Fantasia and Pirates games in mass.


January 30th (2003): The cover art from Larry Elmore has arrived, thus completing the Rulebook. It will undergo some more testing and proofreading yet, just for the sake of polishing, but the Fantasia game is ready.


January 6th (2003): We have purchased Secondary Rights to one of Larry Elmore's classic paintings for the cover of the Fantasia game rulebook. Mr. Elmore was Matt deMille's favorite artist growing up with D&D, and it is a blessing and a privilege to be able to have any of his work as the crown jewel in this game. We hope that all of the other artists who have offered their work to this project without compensation (as we are small and struggling) will be rewarded for their charity by whatever attention this cover draws to them as well.


December 25th (2002): The website has undergone a major update, mostly with the new pages of Artists, Editorials and Funnies. The Artists page will continue to grow rapidly, as we are seeking a wide variety of artists and their artwork for the Fantasia game, which we intend to give widespread release to this Spring. This March, we are attending GAMA in Las Vegas, to try and achieve this very end.

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If you wish to use the proper fonts for this and other pages they are available here as a zip file.