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You Don't Have To Be A Fan To Have Fun Here


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Click on the picture above to download a few sample PDF pages of the rulebook


Ladies and gentlemen, um, yeah, right. Rabid fans and maniacs, let's get ready to rumble! Tired of Game Masters making you role-play so much that nothing ever happens? Tired of long, drawn-out scenarios that never get resolved? Tired of having to worry about some loser GM killing off your Character? Well, to hell with it! Here's a game that's right down your alley! A pro-wrestling role-playing game. Here Characters never have to die. Here, you can be as outrageous as you want. Here, it's nothing but fighting. Fighting! Fighting! Lace up your boots, tie your headband, and kick some ass! Video game rip you off? Not enough options? Not enough controllers for a ten-player brawl? Well, to hell with that too! No need to shell out another 60 bucks every time you want a new Campaign. I promise you that this is one of the most fun games you'll ever play.

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The Wrestling Game has evolved along with the industry over the last ten years. Originally, it began as an alternative to the traditional RPG, allowing Players a chance to get in all the fighting they wanted. It was an instant success! The Characters people came up with, the way scenarios just created themselves, and the lack of need to rely on pre-designed adventures has made for one of the funnest, fastest-paced role-playing games we have ever played. It's just good, silly fun.

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The Wrestling Game is quite different from the other RPGs offered by New Dimension Games or any other game company for that matter. It doesn't need modules. It doesn't need miniatures. Wait a second, where's the fun in that?! Wrestling isn't a traditional game design. Instead of having to plan elaborate scenarios, the scenarios really create themselves. Like a spark that starts a fire, a single victory or loss or disgust for one's haircut can create an intense rivalry. Given the flamboyant, "I can out-do you" attitude of pro-wrestling, Players are always inventing things on the spot. Players tend to make more Characters than they get a chance to play. Modules are created with a single thought. Sound like a "Let's just play some RPG" attitude? The game stays simple, and it stays fun! It's the role-playing game that takes the least amount of work to create the maximum enjoyment possible. And, just like sports-entertainment, for those that don't play, no explanation will do, but for those that do play, no explanation is necessary. Take a chance. Step through the ropes and see what this kind of adventure is all about!


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