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GAMA 2003

We're back, and we survived! Our first GAMA convention, and there were a lot of surprises. Most of all, the great amount of interest in Pirates and Fantasia gamelines, the retailers' overwhelming interest in alternatives to d20 (which all our games provide), and just how busy we were overall. Expecting to hear crickets and every few hours an occasional charity-minded person coming by to dust off our cobwebs, we actually didn't eat the first eight hours of every day, as we barely had time to sit down! We have always believed in our products, but now things are moving, and so we would like to thank all of those who have helped push these products throughout the past years, as well as those who took the time to visit our booth and show their support. Now, here are the obligatory pictures we managed to snap (yes, we're old fashioned and use flash photography).

GAMA1.jpg (129329 bytes)

Jessica and Chris who kept on their feet for all three days.


GAMA2.jpg (139108 bytes)

Our booth as it was in the beginning (while we still had product left).


GAMA3.jpg (133789 bytes)

A random picture of the hall that was our home away from home.


GAMA4.jpg (163615 bytes)

Matt and Jessica, so inspired by the interest in our Pirates game, drove through the desert (with Chris strapped to the hood as a sacrifice to the desert fates) to a certain theme park and braved the Caribbean ride a few hundred times before coming home.


GameGroup.jpg (122584 bytes)

The image that was the centerpiece of our display board (which a lot of people thought was pretty cool).