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Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000)

Here’s a movie we thought would never get a sequel, due to its only-decent box office performance, but hey, we get a direct-to-video. Okay, let’s check it out.

The movie starts off well enough, with some glorious photography and an attempt to introduce new characters. Unfortunately, its lofty beginning quickly loses altitude like a dragon falling asleep from watching too many bad movies.

In one scene, a guy falls off a dock two feet high and lands in shallow water a few inches deep, and acts like he’s been shot by the Predator. This is the sort of thing that makes Kung-Fu movies unintentionally funny.

Speaking of Kung-Fu, the villains are Asians this time around, but that’s cool. What’s not cool is a whole group of stereotypes all laying dead, but then, on cue, all of them get up to give chase! Yes, they’re all laying dead or at least unconscious, but then as a group they get up and run after our hero! Remember the scene in "UHF" when Weird Rambo guns down the hilltop line of Russians and they fall on cue? Imagine something like that, but actually trying to get us to take it seriously!

This kind of retarded moviemaking prevails throughout the entire show. The only good part was the baby dragon trying to learn to breathe fire and blowing a flaming fart! I’m serious, that was a real scene, and yes, the only scene you will remember in any positive way.


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