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Games With Teeth

I yearn for, I dream of, and I work to create role-playing games on a higher level than they currently are. Prepared adventures are frowned upon by many because most published scenarios are just video games on paper. The rest of the world looks upon our games as silly, sophomoric, or the habitat of hopeless geeks. I almost wish the "old days" were back, when the mainstream readily attacked gaming because it was evil. At least evil was something to be feared. We challenged them. Nowadays they laugh at us. There was also a time when each and every adventure was seen as a challenge by gamers, but now, they frown on them because they cannot be argued or might pose a threat to their fantasy persona's life, indeed for so many it is not adventure gaming any longer, but fashion gaming. It is a sad and pitiful age of gaming, and perhaps the naysayers are right when they say we all have "no life". This is not the confession of a failed gamer. Quite the contrary. I am challenging gamers to challenge themselves, to give their hobby some backbone. Avoid conventional approaches. There are no rules to creativity. Adventure role-playing has untapped potential for being serious literature, involving art, and an activity that is enlightening and advancing on every intellectual and even spiritual level. To those gamers whose lives are enriched by gaming, you will appreciate the words the follow down this page. For those for whom gaming is an entrapping way of life, perhaps the words on this page will set you free. Yes, this is an editorial about the following editorials. Did you see that coming? Welcome to new dimensions of gaming . . .

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