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Join Us

New Dimension Games is not going to be a company that says "Write this" or "Write that". We may be unprofessional, but damn we have fun! Because we're small, I have to admit that there isn't much of a future in working with us, yet. However, if you want to contribute to our products, email the Phantom Webmaster with a proposal. Don't worry about credentials. We don't care where you come from or how you learned to do whatever it is you do. If you can create something we like, be it art, adventures, or anything else, that's all that matters. And who knows? If enough creative and talented people join us, we may grow strong enough to stand up to . . . no, I'd better not let them know we're coming. Let's just practice our arts together in secret, until the day comes when we will storm the corporate castle . . .

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If you wish to use the proper fonts for this and other pages they are available here as a zip file.